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Mobile Solutions

IP communication systems help you keep your customers connected and employee productivity at its peak. This versatile system supports many types of mobility endpoints and devices, including SoftIPT® soft phone for notebook computers, wireless IP telephones, and cordless telephones.

  • Softphone Functionality - Soft phone clients run on your laptop via your LAN or WLAN. Roam anywhere WLAN and the Internet take you.
  • uMobility Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) - empower mobile workers to cost-effectively make and answer their PBX calls from virtually anywhere. The user’s smartphone functions as their PBX extension via the office WLAN while in the office, and via a cellular network out of the office.
  • Wireless IP Telephones - operate within your facility’s micro-cellular architecture or over your WLAN. You can leverage your existing investment by converging voice and data applications on the same WLAN
  • Cordless Telephones - give you the ability to take advanced desk phone functionality down the hall, into the conference room, or across campus.

Call Accounting

Knowing How Your Phones Are Used Saves You Money and Makes You Money Keep Your Profits on the Rise!

  • Deliver reports automatically to your desktop
  • Equip your managers with timely information about employee telephone usage
  • Display precise information about your phone line usage
  • Identify positive and negative telephone trends
  • Allocate telecom expenses to each department
  • Install quickly and with limited staff training
  • Expose misuse of time on the telephone, keeping profits going up and your expenses under control.

Strata Meeting

Strata Meeting is a web-based conferencing tool providing dial-in audio conferencing with scheduling, conference recording, usage reporting, and more. Designed for small to medium-size businesses or branches of larger businesses, Strata Meeting integrates with our Strata CIX™ business communication system and provides many useful functions and advantages:

  • Reservation-less and Scheduled Meet-Me Conferencing
  • Outlook Calendar Integration
  • Web User Interface for Moderators
  • Conference View Feature
  • Web-based Reporting
  • Audio Recording Capabilities
  • Flexible Configuration From 8 to 24 Ports

Call Recording

An individual’s voice conversations are centrally documented through call recording and made available to store, organize, playback, annotate and share with others. Now, phone calls and the information they contain become searchable, sharable content, similar to e-mail. Users can insert text annotations to further explain and clarify verbal content, or to respond to a specific question within the voice document. Promoting privacy and security, shared content can be set to expire and sharing restrictions can also be included.

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